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    Blue Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories

    Blue Christmas shower curtains and accessories are the theme of this Christmas page. Learn how to use this palette for you own Blue Christmas bathroom decor.

    Blue Christmas shower curtain sets are difficult to find, but that doesn’t need to stop you from designing your own Blue Christmas Bathroom. These bathroom decorating ideas will hopefully spark your imagination and you will be able to construct your very own Blue Christmas bathroom complete with blue Christmas decorations and bathroom accessories.

    Blue Shower Curtains

    Basically, a blue Christmas bathroom Theme is made up from either a light blue background with a Christmas theme or a dark blue background. Below we will show you both and let you decide which is best for your blue Christmas bathroom decor.

    We have posted the Snowman Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories separately to make it easier for you.


    Christmas Snow Shower Curtain
    Simply Click on the Picture to Order or For More Information



    This beautiful 72″ x 72″ blue Christmas Shower Curtain is sure to delight you.

    Because this is such a lovely winter theme you could possibly keep it up all winter.








    Dark Blue Christmas Theme Shower Curtain
    Simply Click on the Picture to Order or For More Information


    This lovely Christmas Shower Curtain shown above, is a Winter Wonderland at Night. A lighted Christmas Tree in front of a glowing house is very cozy….

    This particular blue Christmas Shower curtain runs a little long. It’s 75″ so you may need to raise your shower curtain rod higher, or it may just fall longer towards the floor. Please be sure to measure before ordering



    Blue Christmas Shower Curtain Deer and Snowflakes


    Once again, this beautiful Winter Blue Christmas Shower Curtain with Snowflakes can be used even after Christmas. It measures 72′ x 72″ and is made of 100% Polyester.


    Whimsical SantaBlue Christmas Shower Curtain
    Simply Click on the Picture to Order or For More Information

    This funny Christmas Shower Curtain is sure to be a conversation piece amongst your Holiday guests.

    This Holiday shower curtain measures 72″ x72″ and will fit most standard bathtubs/showers. It is made of polyester and comes with hooks included.

    You may want to add something more decorative so be sure to check out our Christmas Shower Curtain Hooks.




    Santa Blue Christmas Shower Curtain
    Click Picture to order or for more info

    This whimsical Blue Christmas Shower Curtain conjures up memories of the Night Before Christmas Story Book, “Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night”

    The Night Before Christmas Story Book

    The Night Before Christmas Story Book




    Santa lighthouse Blue Christmas Shower Curtain


    Santa’s Secret Lighthouse Dark Blue Christmas Shower curtain is made of Polyester. It can be machine washed and dried and makes an unusual Christmas Shower Curtain for your Bathroom





    Blue Christmas Shower Curtain Set


    This sweet blue Christmas Shower Curtain has adorable penguins and snowflakes.

    Set includes:

    Polyester Blue Christmas Shower Curtain

    12 Shower Curtain Rings

    1 Bath mat






    Here is another dark blue Christmas Shower Curtain that is on the whimsical side.

    The fabric Christmas shower curtain is 72″ x 70″ and depicts Santa Claus coming down the chimney with Christmas gifts for all the good girls and boys.




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    Christmas Shower Curtain Bathroom Sets

    For Bathroom Decorating Ideas, here are some great ways to decorate your bathroom for Christmas. Not only will you find Christmas Shower Curtains but also an array of Holiday decorating ideas and accessories.

    Christmas Bathroom Themes can be found in many different colors as well as the traditional colors. Here are some of the Christmas color bathroom themes we will explore: 

    Christmas Color Themes


    Usually you can purchase the more traditional Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories in Sets so let’s look at the Christmas Bathroom Sets first.

    Traditional Christmas Bathroom Sets

    When we think of traditional Christmas Bathroom sets, we tend to imagine colors of Red and Green along with Holly & Ivy, Poinsettias, Pine Cones and more vintage style shower curtains and bathroom accessories.

    Christmas Bells Holiday Shower Curtain with Mats

    Christmas Shower Curtain Bells


    Set Includes:

    Season’s Greetings 15 Piece Shower Curtain Bath Set 1 Bath Rug 1 Contour Mat 1 Shower Curtain 12 Piece Matching Roller Shower Curtain Hooks (Christmas Jingle Bells)

    There is limited stock on this item so please order a.s.a.p. if you want this particular style.

    For more information on this Christmas Shower Curtain Set just click on the picture to the left.


    Poinsettias Christmas Shower Curtain & Accessories


    Poinsettias are a very popular design for Christmas Shower Curtains and it comes with it’s own accessories. This makes designing your Holiday bathroom a breeze.

    Set Includes:

    Season’s Greetings 15 Piece Shower Curtain Bath Set 1 Bath Rug 1 Contour Mat 1 Shower Curtain 12 Piece Matching Fabric Shower Curtain Rings (Season’s Greetings)


    Snowman Christmas Shower Curtain

    Snowman Shower Curtain


    This delightful Snowman Shower Curtain is a lovely design of Snowmen, Penguins and Santa among trees and Christmas Gifts.

    Set Includes:

    Season’s Greetings 18 Piece Embroidery Bath Set 1 Bath Mat , 1 Contour Mat , 1 Shower Curtain , 12 Matching Fabric Shower Rings , 3 Piece Matching Towel Seat Small to Large (Merry Christmas)

    Click on picture to purchase this set or to find more information regarding it.


    Red Christmas Tree Christmas Shower Curtain


    Red Christmas Shower Curtain Christmas Tree


    This lovely Holiday Shower Curtains is adorned with a lovely Christmas tree as the design.  Again this is a very traditional Christmas Shower Curtain of Red & Green.

    There is a Christmas Bathmat Set that is sold separately that matches perfectly with the Christmas Shower Curtain


    Red Christmas Bath Accessories



    Red Christmas Shower Curtain with Christmas Trees



    This traditional red shower curtain has a delightful green Christmas Tree design. The bottom edging of green gives this a look of Christmas ribbon to the edge of the shower curtain.

    Set Includes:

    Season’s Greetings 15 Piece Shower Curtain Bath Set 1 Bath Rug 1 Contour Mat 1 Shower Curtain 12 Piece Matching Roller Shower Curtain Hooks (Merry Christmas Trees)

    If you wish to purchase this Christmas Shower Curtain set or to find more information please click on the image to your left.


    The Shower Curtains Plus Team
    The Shower Curtains Plus Team
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    The Coastal Theme Bathroom

    How to Decorate Your Coastal Theme Bathroom

    As mentioned in our Beach Themed Bathrooms, the Coastal Theme Bathroom is another one of many of the Water Themed decorating styles.

    We mentioned that the Coastal Themed Bathroom is more delicate in nature and is associated more with sand and seashells. In fact, the Seashell Theme is the dominant feature in a Coastal Themed Bathroom.

    We also mentioned that it is not dark such as a Nautical Themed Bathroom, which uses colors such as Navy blue, white and sometimes red or yellow.

    This coastal theme is much more gentle. You want to walk into your Coastal themed bathroom and imagine a gentle breeze coming off of the beach as you walk leisurely through the soft sands and pick up seashells along the way. This is why it’s also called “The Seashell Theme“.

    Coastal Theme Bathroom Colors

    The colors for a coastal theme bathroom should remind you of walking along the beach so we would stick to colors such as light blue, sandy beige, coral, or white.

    You definitely want to evoke a gentle relaxing feeling so keep this in mind when choosing your colors. The best tip is to purchase your Bathroom Shower Curtain first, and then you can bring it to wherever you buy your paint and have them do an exact match to the main color you want.

    Coastal Theme Shower Curtains

    When it comes to choosing your coastal theme bathroom shower curtains, it’s important to find the look you are going for. Some people are more interested in a beach style vibe while others are looking for more of a Seashell Decor. You can obviously mix and match the different products to evoke the exact coastal style that suits you and your family.

    Here are a few Coastal Theme Shower Curtain Ideas:

    This particular Seaside Theme Shower Curtain comes with it’s own Bathroom Accessories so you can make it match without trying to find other products.

    Beware, that some products may no longer be in stock at the time of viewing this page but more often than not, they are still available. Simply click on the pics for more information and to check availability.




    Coastal Beach Shower Curtain Set

    These particular Coastal Bathroom Accessories can also be used with any other shower curtain that you may choose to complete your theme.

    Coastal Bathroom Accessories







    Coastal Starfish Conch Shower Currtain


    Here is another beautiful Coastal Shower Curtain featuring a lovely starfish to add a splash of color to the sandy beach along with the beach conchs. The blue wave coming into shore sets a lovely mood for the Coastal bathroom theme style.





    Seashell Shower Curtain with Lighthouse

    This pretty blue colored Coastal Bathroom Shower Curtain can also be used in a Nautical themed bathroom if you are looking for something not quite as dark as a Navy/Red/White color scheme.

    The light blue beach wood in the background along with the fish net is a lovely setting for the lighthouse, conches and shells along the edge.



    Starfish seashell beach bathroom shower curtain

    You can see the same type of Coastal theme here with the beach board and fish net again as a background along with starfish, seashells and conches to bring out the coastal/beach theme of the shower curtain.






    Beach Theme Shower Curtain


    This is another popular beach/coastal themed bathroom shower curtain. Blue skies and sandy beaches give the perfect backdrop for these pretty coastal shells and starfish.






    If you prefer something a little different, here is a seashell coastal bathroom shower curtain that contains words about the beach along with smaller shells etc. This is similar to the one we showed you in the beach themed bathroom article. That one was called “Beach Words”, and they are both good sellers for those who want something a little bit different for their bathroom theme.




    Tropical Beach Themed Shower Curtains

    If you’re going for a more tropical vibe in your beach themed bathroom you might prefer something with palm trees and open skies. Here are a few more coastal theme bathroom shower curtains that are of a more tropical nature.

    This is a very calming scene of blue skies, white clouds and peaceful waters. This would make a beautiful addition to any coastal/beach themed bathroom.






    Tropical Island Beach ThemeThe palm trees swaying from the top of this shower curtain give you the feeling of being in the shade on a beautiful tropical island.

    Tip: Shower curtains can also be used as a curtain on a deck to help deflect the sun, or near a bar to give it a Tiki Bar type feel.

    Some people like to hang them behind their beds to give it a tropical feeling.


    Tropical Beach Palm Tree shower curtain

    This tropical palm tree is very popular for a coastal/beach themed bathroom. It is very serene to look at and adds relaxation at the end of a busy day 🙂





    Coastal Themed Bathroom Accessories

    Coastal Theme Shower Curtain Hooks:

    Many bathroom shower curtains come with hooks, but a lot people find them to be quite cheap looking and prefer to purchase more durable rings or hooks separately.  Whether you prefer something plain like the roller ball shower curtain hooks seen here:

    Roller shower curtain rings hooks


    Or the Double Shower Curtain Hooks so you can add a shower curtain liner (which we always recommend) You can find them here for a reasonable price.

    Double shower curtain hooks rings






    If you want to use something more decorative that would go well with your coastal/beach themed bathroom then you might like these:

    These are very cute and sell very well. They are a nice edition to your bathroom theme and are very decorative.

    You also may like these:


    Seashell shower curtain rings hooks






    There are many decorative shower curtain hooks that will go with any bathroom theme so check them out on Amazon.

    Coastal Wall Decor

    Here are a few Coastal wall decorations that you might like to add a little pizazz to your bathroom theme:

    Ocean Rules Beach Coastal Bathroom ThemeThese are cute items that are popular for beach/coastal bathroom themes.

    Beach sign









    These could be used in a beach theme/coastal theme bathroom or even a farmhouse/rustic bathroom.  They can be mounted to the wall or simply stacked on the edge of the bathroom vanity or a shelf.





    This set of three coastal/beach theme pics can be hung together or hung separately around the room.

    Starfish Seashells canvas print





    This would also look lovely on a shelf or hung on the wall for a seashell/coastal bathroom.

    Check here for more coastal theme wall decor




    More Coastal Bathroom Theme Accessories

    Every Bathroom needs towels no matter what theme you choose. Here is a set of 6 towels in a teal color that many people like for their coastal/beach theme bathroom

    Teal Turkish Towels


    The Teal colored bathroom towel is popular but this particular set comes in a variety of colors to make it easier to find something that will match your decor.






    Turquoise Coastal Bathroom Mat

    This bathroom mat is another of Amazon’s choice for mats and comes in a variety of colors also. It has some very good reviews.





    Another popular item is the pebble like bathroom wastebasket.

    Pebble wasteacket for coastal theme









    This turquoise extra long bathmat that goes in the tub to stop you from slipping is very popular and comes in both turquoise and blue. The darker blue would look great in a Nautical Bathroom Themed Bathroom Also.

    Extra long non slip bathmat







    Finishing Touches

    For a few finishing touches, it’s cute to have a bathroom themed nightlight to add some ambiance at night:

    seashell night light

    They have even more choices that would look cute as a seaside/coastal/beach style night light in the bathroom if you follow the link.


    Another cute idea is this starfish toilet paper holder: starfish toilet paper holder







    Of course, adding decorative sea shells around the bathroom or in nice glass bowls will add nicely to the decor.


    Pink Conch Shell Coastal BathroomPolished sea shells









    Beach Theme Coastal Bedroom Ideas

    If you are redecorating the Master Bathroom in a Beach/Coastal theme then you may want to also make the bedroom in the same corresponding theme. Here are a few ideas that you might like.

    Beach Theme Bedroom Quilt

    This beautiful beach theme/coastal theme Queen size bedspread comes with 2 matching pillow shams. It has good reviews on Amazon. It is a light material which is great for the warmer seasons.






    This is also a Queen size comforter set in the beach/coastal theme that also comes with 2 matching pillow shams. This is more of an ocean theme which fits well with all of the water themes we have been discussing.





    For more Bathroom Ideas, don’t forget to check out the Bathroom Ideas Book shown below.

    Bathroom Decorating Ideas









    Please don’t forget: If you see something you like, click on the picture and it will give you more information and pricing so you can decide if you wish to purchase it.


    Also, If you like our articles please remember to share them with your friends on Pinterest or elsewhere 🙂


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    The Nautical Themed Bathroom

    Nautical Themed Bathroom

    The Nautical Themed Bathroom is much darker than the previous mentioned beach bathroom theme.

    Unlike the fun, whimsical feelings of the beach themed bathroom, or the more relaxing Coastal Theme Bathroom, The Nautical Themed Bathroom is all about Adventure.

    When considering a nautical themed bathroom, we envision things such as Lighthouses, Anchors, Ships/Boats, Buoys, Fishing Nets, Oars, and other accessories associated with an Ocean Theme or Sea type style.


    Bathroom Color Choice:

    For a nautical bathroom theme, the colors will be darker and more intense than what we used in a beach or coastal theme. Here the colors will be noticeably deeper so as to give the impression of a marine feel.

    Colors for the Nautical bathroom are the colors of Navy Blue, Red, White and perhaps some bright yellow. This is not the place for any pastels or light colors or accessories. The white is the only color we would really consider light and it is there to accentuate the dark colors of the navy blue, red or bright yellow. Some green can be acceptable but that color would be better used in a marine/ocean themed bathroom. (We talk more about that here)

    Depending on the light sources in your bathroom, you may want to keep the walls white to keep it looking brighter and use the other colors as accents. If you like the idea of a darker underground feel, then painting the walls navy will give this effect. Many people will have an accent wall in navy or red and keep the rest white. This is totally dependent on your preferences.


    Nautical Theme Shower Curtains :

    The bathroom shower curtain is generally the first thing that will attract your attention when entering the room so it is always a good idea to make certain that the shower curtain you choose will convey the feeling of the theme that you wish to evoke.

    Here are a few examples that will hopefully help you in deciding the look you are going for.

    Anchor shower curtainThis is a lovely bathroom shower curtain if you are going for an anchor themed nautical bathroom. We wouldn’t necessarily use that color of blue on the wall. Here is a good example of why it is a great idea to buy the shower curtain of your choice first and then decide the color that you wish the wall to be. In this example we would either choose white, or go with one of the blues found in the shower curtain itself.

    Ghost Ships Nautical Shower Curtain


    This Ghost Ship Theme is also a great choice for a Nautical Bathroom Theme. It is reminiscent of old Pirate ships lost in the night.


    Ship in Storm Nautical Shower Curtain

    Here we have a ship in a storm. This is another good nautical themed bathroom shower curtain for your bathroom theme. It reminds me again of a pirate type theme which would be great in a kids bathroom.


    Light House Starfish Nautical Shower Curtain


    This Lighthouse/Starfish Theme is both Coastal, as well as Nautical. With it’s navy blue and white colors it will fit a nautical themed bathroom very nicely.



    Another lovely choice for a nautical bathroom is this red/white/navy with yellow accents. This gives the bathroom a whimsical feeling. Your color choices for the walls and accessories can be any one of these colors.


    If you prefer less color, this sailboat nautical shower curtain may be more to your liking. Consisting of just navy blue, grey and white gives it a quieter feel.




    Navy Stripe Nautical Shower Curtain

    Navy and White Stripes is always a good choice for a nautical themed bathroom and can easily be accessorized. These nautical bathroom accessories below would go perfectly with your theme.





    Red, White and Blue is another common color combination for a Nautical Themed Bathroom. Again it can be accessorized very easily to give you the ambiance you want. These red, white and blue bathroom towels below, would go very nicely with this nautical shower curtain.




    How to Accessorize Your Nautical Bathroom:


    When it comes to accessorizing your nautical bathroom there are endless choices. Anything that reminds you of lighthouses, anchors, buoys, pirate ships or basic stripes will go well. Below are a few accessories that you might want to consider when planning your bathroom make-over.

    Nautical Shower Curtain Hooks













    Nautical Bathroom Wall Decor:

    Nautical Wheel Bathroom Wall Decor
    Click for more info



    Nautical Rope Oval Mirror
    Click for more info

    Square rope nautical mirror



    nautical rope cabinet knobs
    Nautical Rope Cabinet Handles











    Anchor Nautical Toilet Holder
    Click for More Info


    Nautical Themed Bathroom Sinks:


    This Seaside Pacific Whale vessel sink would be the perfect addition to your nautical bathroom theme.


    Nautical Whale Vessel Sink
    Click for more info



    Click for more info



    For more Bathroom Ideas don’t forget to check out the book.

    Bathroom Decorating Ideas




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    Beach Themed Bathrooms

    How To Decorate Your Beach Themed Bathroom

    Your Beach Themed Bathroom doesn’t have to be like all the rest. Everyone wants to be unique so let yourself find your own Beach Styled Theme for your own bathroom.

    When it comes to choosing a Beach Themed Bathroom you might want to consider some of the similarities between other bathroom ideas with a water theme.

    We like to split the water themed bathrooms into three categories:

    1. The Beach Themed Bathroom
    2. The Coastal Themed Bathroom
    3. The Nautical Themed Bathroom


    Water Themed Bathrooms

    Beach Themed Bathroom Pic


    What is it that differentiates the three water themed bathrooms? Although there are many similarities such as sand, water, blue skies, and sun, there are other things that make them different.



    The Beach Theme

    As we noted, although the beach themed bathroom will incorporate the bathroom colors of sand, water, blue skies and sunshine it is different from the others in some ways. This is how we see the differences in characteristics.

    Beach Themed Playful Ideas

    When we think of the beach, many will not only conjure up images of peaceful relaxation.

    Some people love the beach for the fun times that they have when they are there.

    They remember things such as playing Volleyball, or making sandcastles, surfing and riding on inflated tire tubes. The sounds of splashing, laughing and little children squealing and of course, Flip Flops, are just some of the things that mean “Beach” to them.

    This type of person would seek out a brighter, more fun style or playful approach to their Beach Themed Bathroom. (more about this later)


    The Coastal Theme

    Coastal Themed Bathroom





    The Coastal Themed Bathroom is similar to the Beach themed Bathroom except that it would incorporate softer hues. Here you would find softer blues and perhaps peach colored or beige sand colored bathroom decor. We talk about this bathroom theme in more detail under “The Coastal Bathroom Theme“.


    The Nautical Theme Bathroom

    Nautical Themed Bathroom

    For the Nautical Themed Bathroom you would decorate in Bathroom Colors of Dark Blue/Navy, White and perhaps some red or yellow.

    This theme is for those who want a more ocean type feel. Here you would find things such as Anchors, Lighthouses, Nautical Ropes, Buoys, Ships Wheels and Compasses etc. (Think of Pirates and maps)

    You can read more on the Nautical Themed Bathroom under its own category called “The Nautical Themed Bathroom


    Now that you know that different styles of Water Themed Bathroom Decor, let’s concentrate on “The Beach Themed Bathroom“.


    Beach Theme Bathroom Shower Curtains

    For the more fun and playful beach theme we want to have the bathroom shower curtains to invoke a bright, whimsical feeling. We want a certain boldness to the beach themed bathroom that we will not encounter in the other bathroom themes.

    Here are a few ideas that you might like to consider:

    Beach theme chairs on the beachThese beach chairs add a fun bit of color to the bathroom and yet is still relaxing. Can you imagine yourself sitting in one of these chairs at the beach? Of course, you can.

    These can be purchased through Amazon by simply clicking on the pic. That will take you to more information and buying options.

    This is just one of many ideas we can use for our beach theme.



    Another cheerful bathroom shower curtain can be in a flip flops theme such as the ones below:

    Flip Flops Shower Curtain


    This one even has with a matching clock that you can purchase separately.

    Beach theme flip flop clock





    Again, these can be purchased by clicking on the pics, which will bring you to more info and buying options through Amazon.



    Just Add Some Flip Flop Shower Curtain Hooks and you’ve made yourself a Beach Bathroom Shower Curtain Set.





    Imagine sitting on the dock of the bay sipping a lovely cold drink and dipping your toes into some clear cool water. This Beach Themed Bathroom Shower Curtain will have you feeling the vibe in no time.

    Beach Decor Flip Flop Shower Curtain












    Here is the matching bath mat that can be purchased separately.

    Beach Decor Matching Bath Mat












    Either of these items can be purchased by clicking on the pic. This will bring you to more information and buying options from Amazon.


    Perhaps you would prefer something more placid such as this bathroom shower curtain with a view of the water lapping onto the beach.

    Beach Theme shower curtain water laps


    This particular bathroom shower curtain could be used with any of the water themes we are talking about.

    (Click on pics for more information.)







    This is a fun Beach Themed Bathroom Curtain and comes with a matching bath mat. It’s a bathroom shower curtain with a pic of a Jeep on the beach.

    Jeep on a Beach Bathroom Shower CurtainHere is the matching beach themed bath mat:

    Beached Theme Bathroom Mat Jeep










    (For more information simply click on the pics.)


    Beach Bathroom Themed Sets

    There are many bathroom accessories that you can buy on Amazon that will complete your Beach Bathroom Theme but here is one that you might like that has many matching bathroom accessories already picked out for you.

    This particular set is called “Beach Words”.

    Beach words shower curtain


    This particular curtain also has matching shower curtain hooks that can be purchased separately.

    Beach Words Shower Curtain Hooks







    This Bathroom shower curtain set also has a matching Lotion Pump dispenser, Soap Dish, Toothbrush holder and Waste Basket.

    Beach words lotion pump dispenser for bathroomBeach themed soap dish bathroom accessoriesBeach Bathroom Accessories Toothbrush holderBeach Bathroom accessories waste basket








    More Beach Style Bathroom Decor Ideas

    Not all Beach Themed Bathroom Shower Curtains comes as a set, but that need not stop you from pulling it all together with other Beach Bathroom Decor to make it look like it all goes together.

    Beach Theme Bathroom Shower Curtain Hooks


    These are a novelty Shower Curtain Hooks and can go with any beach theme you are going for.

    Beach Flip Flops Shower Curtain Hooks





    This set of flip flop Bathroom Shower Curtain hooks are a little lighter in color if you don’t want it as bold as the other ones above.

    Light colored flip flop shower curtain hooks









    Beach Bathroom Wall Decor

    By adding some beach bathroom wall decor here and there we can help to bring the look together even more.

    Beach Bathroom Decor

    These little signs goes great with the flip flop theme.


    Beach Bathroom Wall DecorBeach Rules Wall Decor









    This particular beach wall decor sign only has limited quantities so if you really want it, please click on the sign and it will take you to where you can give you more information and the chance to purchase it.



    Beach Theme Art Poster unframed


    Here is a lovely art print poster that would look very nice in a beach themed bathroom. It is unframed and measures 14″ x 11″. Click on pic for more info.




    Beach Chair Towel hooks


    Your beach bathroom might also look nice with these three chair hooks to hang you towels on.




    Speaking of Towels, in a beach theme bathroom such as this you would want some really bold colored Beach towels to add that extra pizazz to the room such as these:

    Bright Beach Towels hung on hooksBright Beach Towels









    If you have a really large bare wall in the bathroom this might be a unique bathroom decorating idea for you. It’s a removable self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper that will certainly brighten your bathroom and give you that “at the beach” feeling.

    kayak on the beach



    The chair and ottoman do not come with it. This is only there to give you and idea of what it would look like in a room. This one measures 66″ x 96″






    Depending on how elaborate you want your decorating in the beach theme bathroom to go you might like to try a few of these additional ideas.

    If your beach bathroom decorating budget is low, you might just add some beach ball cabinet drawer knobs such as this one below. It’s cute and whimsical and would go nicely with the beach towels we showed you before.


    Beach Ball Drawer knob


    Beach Bathroom Vanities

    If your beach theme bathroom decorating budget is higher you may want to make more changes such as adding a new beach bathroom Vanity such as the one below.

    Beach Bathroom Vanity

    This would look lovely with a beach bathroom styled mirror such as this.

    Beach bathroom mirror

    If you prefer a beach bathroom vanity with it’s own matching mirror you might prefer something like this one below:

    Pastel blue distressed beach bathroom vanity


    The company that makes these lovely Bathroom Vanities have many different colors and styles that would suit any bathroom makeover. You can visit “The Benton Collection” by clicking on the underlined link.








    Beach Bathroom Flooring Ideas

    If money allows, you may want to change up your bathroom floor to make it look more beach like. The following suggestions below can also work for your Coastal Theme Bathroom or Nautical Bathroom.

    One Choice is To Use Bathroom Floor Tile:

    This is a beautiful tile and would great in any beach themed bathroom. Some people tile the whole floor, others have tried tiling the shower floor itself with good results.

    Everybody loves this tile and say that it looks exactly like a pebbled beach.

    If you are not particularly into tiles then perhaps you might try some nice Vinyl flooring.


    Another Choice for Your Beach Themed Bathroom is Vinyl Flooring:

    Beach Themed Vinyl FlooringThis beautiful Beach Themed Flooring is a lovely arrangement or various tonalities to give it a beach type feel. It is Waterproof and easy to apply. It would be a great addition to your bathroom. Below is a sample for a closer look.

    floor sample









    Beach Themed Bathroom Wallpaper/Tiles

    If you like the beach wood effect, then you may also like this self adhesive beach wood wall film. You can see it here behind the distressed bureau/chest.

    Beach themed wood wall film

    Here is a clearer sample:

    Beach wood wall film sample









    This comes in a roll that measures 17.71″ x 78″ and can be applied with the pattern going up and down or side to side. It all depends on the look you are going for. This is a fun DIY project if you enjoy doing it yourself.

    If you prefer Peel and Stick Wall Tiles then this may be more in line with what you want. These are Peel and Stick Wall Tiles that would go well in any Beach Themed Bathroom, whether it be a Coastal Theme Bathroom or a Nautical Themed Bathroom.


    beach bathroom wall stickers example








    These tiles are 10 x 10 and come in a box of 6. They are resistant to mold and mildew and have a thick embossed PU gel.

    This gives it the 3D shpae and makes it almost identical to masonry tiles.

    There are so many ways to decorate your beach themed bathroom, and we hope you have enjoyed our ideas. If you did, why not click and send this article to PINTEREST. We would appreciate it if you did 🙂

    For more bathroom ideas we recommend this book:

    Bathroom Decorating Ideas












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