Snowman Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories

When it comes to Winter time, who doesn’t love Snowmen! Whether we go outside in the frosty air and make a snowman ourselves or bring the happy spirit of the Snowman into our Christmas Bathroom Decorating Theme, it will certainly bring a smile to anyone’s face.

The nice thing about buying a Snowman Christmas Shower Curtain and accessories, is that you can leave them up a little longer than other Christmas Shower Curtains. Snowman Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories are not just for Christmas…We can use this them right through the Winter season πŸ™‚

There are so many whimsical Snowman Shower Curtains around it may be hard to choose exactly what you want. This is where we come in πŸ™‚ Hopefully our designs and selections will help to make your season a little brighter πŸ™‚





Blue Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories

Blue Christmas shower curtains and accessories are the theme of this Christmas page. Learn how to use this palette for you own Blue Christmas bathroom decor.

Blue Christmas shower curtain sets are difficult to find, but that doesn’t need to stop you from designing your own Blue Christmas Bathroom. These bathroom decorating ideas will hopefully spark your imagination and you will be able to construct your very own Blue Christmas bathroom complete with blue Christmas decorations and bathroom accessories.

Blue Shower Curtains

Basically, a blue Christmas bathroom Theme is made up from either a light blue background with a Christmas theme or a dark blue background. Below we will show you both and let you decide which is best for your blue Christmas bathroom decor.

We have posted the Snowman Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories separately to make it easier for you.

Christmas Snow Shower Curtain

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This beautiful 72″ x 72″ blue Christmas Shower Curtain is sure to delight you.

Because this is such a lovely winter theme you could possibly keep it up all winter.



Dark Blue Christmas Theme Shower Curtain

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This beautiful Christmas Shower Curtain is a Winter Wonderland at Night. A lighted Christmas Tree in front of a glowing house is very cozy….This particular blue Christmas Shower curtain runs a little long. It’s 75″ so you may need to raise your shower curtain rod higher, or it may just fall longer towards the floor. Please be sure to measure before ordering



Blue Christmas Shower Curtain Deer and Snowflakes





Once again, this beautiful Winter Blue Christmas Shower Curtain with Snowflakes can be used even after Christmas.

It measures 72′ x 72″ and is made of 100% Polyester.






Whimsical SantaBlue Christmas Shower Curtain

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This funny Christmas Shower Curtain is sure to be a conversation piece amongst your Holiday guests.

This Holiday shower curtain measures 72″ x72″ and will fit most standard bathtubs/showers. It is made of polyester and comes with hooks included.

You may want to add something more decorative so be sure to check out our Christmas Shower Curtain Hooks.



Santa Blue Christmas Shower Curtain

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This whimsical Blue Christmas Shower Curtain conjures up memories of the Night Before Christmas Story Book, “Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night”

The Night Before Christmas Story Book

The Night Before Christmas Story Book













Santa lighthouse Blue Christmas Shower Curtain




Santa’s Secret Lighthouse Dark Blue Christmas Shower curtain is made of Polyester. It can be machine washed and dried and makes an unusual Christmas Shower Curtain for your Bathroom







Blue Christmas Shower Curtain Set

This sweet blue Christmas Shower Curtain has adorable penguins and snowflakes.

Set includes:

Polyester Blue Christmas Shower Curtain

12 Shower Curtain Rings

1 Bath mat









Here is another dark blue Christmas Shower Curtain that is on the whimsical side.

The fabric Christmas shower curtain is 72″ x 70″ and depicts Santa Claus coming down the chimney with Christmas gifts for all the good girls and boys.








Purple Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories

For a more Modern Christmas bathroom decorating idea, many people have opted to choose Purple as their Christmas Shower Curtain and Accessories for the Bathroom. If this is one of your favorite colors learn how to have a purple Christmas.

Since this color scheme does not come in traditional Christmas sets we have taken the opportunity to show you how you can get the bathroom you love using our Christmas Tips & Tricks.

How To Put Together Your Own Purple Christmas Theme

  • Choose Your Christmas Shower Curtain
  • Choose Your Bathroom Towels
  • Choose Bathroom Accessories

Watch as we bring these elements together.

Step 1: Choose Your Christmas Shower Curtain

Purple Christmas Shower Curtain


This beautiful Christmas Shower Curtain is made from a company called Ambesonne on Amazon.

The Design is Christmas Tree Decorations with Tinsel and Purple Christmas Balls.

The Fabric is Polyester and comes with it’s own set of hooks.

If you want something more festive you can always change their hooks to one of our Christmas Shower curtain hooks or a simple purple shower curtain hook.

Colors are Purple, Grey, and Green.

It comes in 3 sizes: 69” W x 70” L, 69” W x 75” L, and 69” W x 84” L

Purple and Gold Eastern Oriental Shower Curtain


Although this is not a traditional Christmas Shower Curtain, it could easily be used for one. With its rich purple and gold eastern oriental look it gives a more bohemian vibe to the bathroom.

You can easily pair this up with accessories of purple or gold and it would work nicely.

The measurements are the same as the Christmas Shower Curtain above:

It comes in 3 sizes: 69” W x 70” L, 69” W x 75” L, and 69” W x 84” L

You May Want to Lower The Shower Curtain Pole a Bit If 69″ is not long enough. Your other alternative is to use longer shower curtain hooks.

Christmas Tips & Trick:

To save money on your Christmas Decorating, you may just use the shower curtain you have now and change to more seasonal Christmas accessories. Example, If your bathroom already has a plain Purple Shower Curtain, just add some Christmas bathroom towels, rugs and other Christmas accessories.

Step 2: Choose Your Bathroom Towels

When choosing your Christmas Bathroom Towels you have many choices. You can choose something that is really a Christmas traditional design or go for something more whimsical. Another alternative is to use solid bathroom towels and let your Christmas Bathroom Accessories such a rugs and Christmas decorations do their part.

Here are some suggestions:

Purple Bathroom Towels


This is a really cute whimsical Christmas Hand towel. It measures 11″ x 17″. Something like this could be used as is, or you could top it over regular purple bathroom towels to add that Christmas look to the bathroom.

The company has other designs also so take a look by clicking on the picture of the snowman Christmas towel on the left.

Solid Colored Turkish Towels


This set of Turkish Bathroom Towels comes in a set of 8.

It includes 2 Bath Towels (27 Inch X 54 Inch), 2 Hand Towels (16 Inch X 30 Inch), and 4 Wash Clothes (12 Inch x 12 Inch)

They are made of 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton for Extra Softness.

The Hems are doubled and have been stitched to maximize their durability.


Eggplant Turkish Cotton Bath Spa Towels


These luxury hotel and spa bath towels are made with 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton. They come in a set of 4. Each measures 27 X 54 Inches

These come in a variety of colors to choose from but since we are working with the purple Christmas shower curtain theme we are showing the color Eggplant.

Gold Colored Christmas Bathroom Towels


If you have decided to go with the purple oriental Christmas shower curtain for your purple bathroom, then gold bathroom towels will be a perfect addition.

Elegant and soft, these bathroom towels can be used all year round.

Step 3: Choose Bathroom Accessories

Choosing purple bathroom accessories to go with you Holiday bathroom curtains is exciting. There are so many things you can choose from and finding the perfect mix is as easy as using your imagination.

Acrylic Diamond Accessories DΓ©cor Purple


This is a great set for Christmas or any time of the year.

The bling gives it that added Christmas feel but it goes well any time of the year.

This is a very limited quantity so act fast if you want it.

Simply click on the picture and you will be able to find more info and can purchase it if they are still available.

5 pc Set Acrylic Bathroom Glamorous Purple


Glamour Purple Bathroom Accessories

This is also a lovely set and quite glamorous with its etched design.

The set is made of acrylic so its easy to clean and can be used for Christmas or any time of year.

Mosaic Glass Accessories


Silver is another color that mixes extremely well with Purple. If you weren’t able to order the purple set with the bling, then you might want to snatch this set up.

It comes in other colors and designs as well so if you are interested be sure to click on the image and find out more information.

5 Piece Bathroom Accessories with Ice Crystals in Gold Design


golden Christmas Bathroom accessories

If you plan on using the oriental purple shower curtain that we showed above, you may want to consider this lovely Gold colored bathroom accessory set. The design has ice crystals designed into it and will give it that festive look.

This can also be used during the year all year round. Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Miscellaneous Christmas Bathroom Accessories

If you have the space, a small purple Christmas tree could be a cute addition to your Purple Christmas Bathroom Theme.


Small Purple Christmas Tree

This particular purple Christmas tree doesn’t take up too much space. It’s only 12 inches tall and comes already decorated with bows and baubles.


This cute little tree is a bit bigger. It stands 60 cm tall so it’s just under 2 feet. If your bathroom is a bit larger you could possibly accommodate a tree this size.

Need decorations for it? No problem…See below


This package of purple and silver Christmas Ornaments should fit on your purple Christmas tree with no problem.

Each ball is 2.36″ and are shatterproof for your safety. They come with 25 balls per pack.

If you have any left over simply hang them in other areas of the bathroom to give it that Christmas feeling.Β  If this particular item is not available at the time you see this then you can find other purple and silver balls on Amazon to get the same effect.


The Shower Curtains Plus Team

The Shower Curtains Plus Team

Christmas Shower Curtain Bathroom Sets

For Bathroom Decorating Ideas, here are some great ways to decorate your bathroom for Christmas. Not only will you find Christmas Shower Curtains but also an array of Holiday decorating ideas and accessories.

Christmas Bathroom Themes can be found in many different colors as well as the traditional colors. Here are some of the Christmas color bathroom themes we will explore:Β 

Christmas Color Themes


Usually you can purchase the more traditional Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories in Sets so let’s look at the Christmas Bathroom Sets first.

Traditional Christmas Bathroom Sets

When we think of traditional Christmas Bathroom sets, we tend to imagine colors of Red and Green along with Holly & Ivy, Poinsettias, Pine Cones and more vintage style shower curtains and bathroom accessories.

Christmas Bells Holiday Shower Curtain with Mats


Christmas Shower Curtain Bells

Set Includes:

Season’s Greetings 15 Piece Shower Curtain Bath Set 1 Bath Rug 1 Contour Mat 1 Shower Curtain 12 Piece Matching Roller Shower Curtain Hooks (Christmas Jingle Bells)

There is limited stock on this item so please order a.s.a.p. if you want this particular style.

For more information on this Christmas Shower Curtain Set just click on the picture to the left.


Poinsettias Christmas Shower Curtain & Accessories



Poinsettias are a very popular design for Christmas Shower Curtains and it comes with it’s own accessories. This makes designing your Holiday bathroom a breeze.

Set Includes:

Season’s Greetings 15 Piece Shower Curtain Bath Set 1 Bath Rug 1 Contour Mat 1 Shower Curtain 12 Piece Matching Fabric Shower Curtain Rings (Season’s Greetings)




Snowman Christmas Shower Curtain

Snowman Shower Curtain


This delightful Snowman Shower Curtain is a lovely design of Snowmen, Penguins and Santa among trees and Christmas Gifts.

Set Includes:

Season’s Greetings 18 Piece Embroidery Bath Set 1 Bath Mat , 1 Contour Mat , 1 Shower Curtain , 12 Matching Fabric Shower Rings , 3 Piece Matching Towel Seat Small to Large (Merry Christmas)

Click on picture to purchase this set or to find more information regarding it.





Red Christmas Tree Christmas Shower Curtain


Red Christmas Shower Curtain Christmas Tree


This lovely Holiday Shower Curtains is adorned with a lovely Christmas tree as the design.Β  Again this is a very traditional Christmas Shower Curtain of Red & Green.

There is a Christmas Bathmat Set that is sold separately that matches perfectly with the Christmas Shower Curtain


Red Christmas Bath Accessories



Red Christmas Shower Curtain with Christmas Trees



This traditional red shower curtain has a delightful green Christmas Tree design. The bottom edging of green gives this a look of Christmas ribbon to the edge of the shower curtain.

Set Includes:

Season’s Greetings 15 Piece Shower Curtain Bath Set 1 Bath Rug 1 Contour Mat 1 Shower Curtain 12 Piece Matching Roller Shower Curtain Hooks (Merry Christmas Trees)

If you wish to purchase this Christmas Shower Curtain set or to find more information please click on the image to your left.



The Shower Curtains Plus Team

The Shower Curtains Plus Team