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    Blue Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories

    Blue Christmas shower curtains and accessories are the theme of this Christmas page. Learn how to use this palette for you own Blue Christmas bathroom decor.

    Blue Christmas shower curtain sets are difficult to find, but that doesn’t need to stop you from designing your own Blue Christmas Bathroom. These bathroom decorating ideas will hopefully spark your imagination and you will be able to construct your very own Blue Christmas bathroom complete with blue Christmas decorations and bathroom accessories.

    Blue Shower Curtains

    Basically, a blue Christmas bathroom Theme is made up from either a light blue background with a Christmas theme or a dark blue background. Below we will show you both and let you decide which is best for your blue Christmas bathroom decor.

    We have posted the Snowman Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories separately to make it easier for you.


    Christmas Snow Shower Curtain
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    This beautiful 72″ x 72″ blue Christmas Shower Curtain is sure to delight you.

    Because this is such a lovely winter theme you could possibly keep it up all winter.








    Dark Blue Christmas Theme Shower Curtain
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    This lovely Christmas Shower Curtain shown above, is a Winter Wonderland at Night. A lighted Christmas Tree in front of a glowing house is very cozy….

    This particular blue Christmas Shower curtain runs a little long. It’s 75″ so you may need to raise your shower curtain rod higher, or it may just fall longer towards the floor. Please be sure to measure before ordering



    Blue Christmas Shower Curtain Deer and Snowflakes


    Once again, this beautiful Winter Blue Christmas Shower Curtain with Snowflakes can be used even after Christmas. It measures 72′ x 72″ and is made of 100% Polyester.


    Whimsical SantaBlue Christmas Shower Curtain
    Simply Click on the Picture to Order or For More Information

    This funny Christmas Shower Curtain is sure to be a conversation piece amongst your Holiday guests.

    This Holiday shower curtain measures 72″ x72″ and will fit most standard bathtubs/showers. It is made of polyester and comes with hooks included.

    You may want to add something more decorative so be sure to check out our Christmas Shower Curtain Hooks.




    Santa Blue Christmas Shower Curtain
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    This whimsical Blue Christmas Shower Curtain conjures up memories of the Night Before Christmas Story Book, “Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night”

    The Night Before Christmas Story Book

    The Night Before Christmas Story Book




    Santa lighthouse Blue Christmas Shower Curtain


    Santa’s Secret Lighthouse Dark Blue Christmas Shower curtain is made of Polyester. It can be machine washed and dried and makes an unusual Christmas Shower Curtain for your Bathroom





    Blue Christmas Shower Curtain Set


    This sweet blue Christmas Shower Curtain has adorable penguins and snowflakes.

    Set includes:

    Polyester Blue Christmas Shower Curtain

    12 Shower Curtain Rings

    1 Bath mat






    Here is another dark blue Christmas Shower Curtain that is on the whimsical side.

    The fabric Christmas shower curtain is 72″ x 70″ and depicts Santa Claus coming down the chimney with Christmas gifts for all the good girls and boys.




    shower curtains plus team

  • 78 " x 78" Shower Curtains and Liners,  Extra Long Shower Curtain,  Extra Wide Shower Curtains and Liners,  Hotel Shower Curtains,  Shower Curtain Liners,  Shower Curtains

    Do You Need An Extra Wide And Extra Long Shower Curtain?

    Extra Wide Shower Curtain
    For More Information Click Here

    Finding an extra wide shower curtain as well as an extra long shower curtain can be a problem. Fortunately there are a few shower curtains on the market that can solve the issue. We received an email from a woman who had a problem finding a shower curtain that is 78″ Wide as well as 78″ Long. Here is the solution to the dilemma.

    The first option is to find a shower curtain this size which is extra long and extra wide. This is what we came across.


    This particular shower curtain on the right, is both extra wide and extra long. 78″ x 78″. It is a beautiful shower curtain with Blues, white and tans. To purchase this particular shower curtain, just click on the picture and it will give you more details.

    This extra wide shower curtain shown below is 78″ x 78″ but has wider options as well. Click on the photo for more information.

    Extra Wide Extra Long Shower Curtain
    Click picture for more Information










    We also have a more modern designed shower curtain that fits the description of an extra wide shower curtain as well as an extra long one.

    (Note: The colors state that this shower curtain is Black/White and Grey/Gray but customers say it is actually Tan and not Grey)

    This curtain also measures 78″ Wide and 78″ Long

    Click on Image For More Info
    Click on Image For More Info


    The biggest concern when choosing an extra wide and extra long Shower Curtain is finding one in a style and color that will go with your bathroom decor. This is why we are listing a variety of designs hoping you will find one that meets your style and budget.





    For Those of you how love the combination of brown and turquoise, here is another Polyester shower curtain with a Paisley print. 78″ x 78″

    Click On Image For More Info

    Below are a few more styles which you may want to check out….Again these are the extra wide, extra long shower curtains.

    Shower Curtain Extra Long Extra Wide
    This Shower Curtain is 96″ Wide X 78″ Long. Click on Image For More Info
    Extra Wide, Extra Wide Shower Curtain
    Shower Curtain 78″ wide x 84″ long





    Nautical Theme Shower Curtain
    Nautical Theme Shower Curtain is 108 x 72. (Shower curtains that are 108 generally will fit a club foot tub also)
    Paisley Shower Curtain Extra Long 72" x 78"
    Paisley Shower Curtain Extra Long 72″ x 78″
    Extra Wide Extra Long White Shower Curtain
    Shower Curtain Extra Wide Extra Long 78″ x 84″ White (other color choices available)










    Extra Wide/Extra Long Shower Curtain Liners

    You are probably aware that extra wide/extra long shower curtain liners are also hard to find. We have included a couple here to help you. Although these are marketed as shower curtains, they can easily be used a shower curtain liners to protect any fabric shower curtain you may be using.

    extra long white shower curtain liner
    Extra Long Shower Curtain Liner. Comes in 78 ” long or 86″. Width is 72″











    Extra Long shower curtain or shower curtain liner
    Transparent shower curtain or shower curtain liner 72″ x 78″ Cobblestone effect











       Shower Curtain TipTIPS: 

    If you can’t find an extra wide shower curtain at 78”, purchasing one at 84” will be wider by 6 inches. This is not a huge problem because you can usually adjust the fullness between the hooks to make it fit, but more fully ( a more drape like effect)

    With an extra wide shower curtain, you may need extra shower curtain hooks. Due to the extra width, there may be more shower curtain holes.

    Remember our advise to always use a shower curtain liner even if they say that their fabric is waterproof…See our article Which Bathroom Shower Curtain is the Best?

    Some people like to use tablecloth weights to try and avoid their shower curtains from billowing…You may find it helps

     Shown Here Are A Few Extra Wide Shower Curtains That You Might Like.

    Shower Curtain will fit Claw Foot Tub 180 x 70
    Shower Curtain will fit Claw Foot Tub 180 x 70
    Blue Stripe Extra Wide Shower Curtain 108 x 72
    Blue Stripe Extra Wide Shower Curtain 108 x 72











    For more Extra Long Shower Curtains Click Here

    Extra Long Shower Curtain Shabby Chic or Farmhouse Style
    Extra Long Shower Curtain, Great for Shabby Chic or Farmhouse style Bathroom











    For More Extra Wide Shower Curtains Click Here

    We hope this article is helpful to you. Please remember to tell your friends about us.

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  • Shower Curtains

    Shower Curtains Plus Home

    Welcome to Shower Curtains Plus!


    Our aim is to help you find the best shower curtains and accessories that will perfectly match your bathroom decor. You will find many of the shower curtain themes that are popular today and even some vintage ones which will remind you of days gone by. So, whether you are fond of a more modern look or something more luxurious, hopefully our articles will at least spur some bathroom decorating ideas to get you started in your endeavors.

    Shower Curtain Aqua Blue
    Shower Curtains Aqua Blue

    You will be amazed at how installing bathroom shower curtains can do so much for so little. You can really impress your visitors whether you go for a designer look, or for more budget friendly, cheap shower curtains. Money is not a big issue when it comes to bathroom decorating if you know what to look for.

    If you think about it, the bathroom is probably the most used room in your house. It’s generally the first place to go to when you get up in the morning and the last place you visit before retiring to bed.  When visitors come over, it is in all likelihood, one of the rooms most scrutinized by them all.

    I am sure, that you know the old saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” so why not get your bathroom into tiptop shape. A little bathroom decorating can go a very long way, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to do a nice job.

    Our hope, is to encourage you to find some good bathroom decorating ideas that will fit your lifestyle. We will offer you interesting articles that will make choosing the correct shower curtains and bathroom accessories a breeze.

    We will be discussing things such as color schemes, bathroom decorating ideas, as well as the different types of shower curtains available on the market such as:

    Luxurious Bath Accessories
    Luxurious Bath Accessories

    We will also talk about all of the accessories that are needed to make your bathroom not only functional, but unique also. Tips on how to relax in a spa like setting will also be discussed along with the psychology of color and other interesting articles.

    We know, from our own experience, that sometimes the bathroom is the only room in the house where you can escape to find some peace and quiet. We know the feeling of relief when you lock that door and take a deep breath, knowing that you will be alone, even if it’s just for a moment or two. We all need time to unwind and relax so why not make your bathroom your little haven of comfort.

    It is so important that you take the time for yourself to get away from the hurry and the noise and just relax. Hopefully, we can inspire you to create for yourself a beautiful atmosphere that you and your family can enjoy.

    We are hoping that this will become your one stop shop for all of your shower curtain and bathroom decorating needs.

    Come back often so that you don’t miss out on any of the articles that will be coming up.

    ‘Till next time 🙂

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