• Extra Long Shower Curtain

    Extra Long Shower Curtain and Special Sizes

    Finding an extra long shower curtain or special sizes can be a daunting task, if you don’t know what to look for. Long shower curtains can come in a variety of styles and sizes which generally run from 72 inches up to 96 inches. If you need an extra long shower curtain, or shower curtain liner, that is longer than 96 inches, you may need to look into custom shower curtains.

    Extra Long SHower Curtain 72 x 84
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     Shower Curtain Sizes

    The average shower curtain is usually 70 x 70 inches, although 72 inches x 72 inches is also quite common. Sadly, there is not a one-size-fits-all standard when it comes to shower curtains so you will need to do a little bit of work to find the right one for you. We make that easier.

    What Size of Shower Curtain Do You Need?

    In order to determine the correct size, you will need to take two measurements.

    1. Take out your measuring tape and measure horizontally across the sides of the tub from wall to wall.
    2. Next measure the distance from the top of your shower curtain rod to the length where you would like your shower curtain to hang.

    People can have varied preferences on the length of their shower curtains. Some people may want them from ceiling to floor, but some people want them going from the top of the shower curtain rod or rail to a few inches below the ledge of the bathtub.

    Generally, people want them going from shower curtain rods or shower rails to a few inches above the floor. In either case, make sure that your shower curtain is at least 2-3 inches below the ledge of the bathtub. If this is not possible with a standard 72 x72 inch shower curtain, then you will definitely need to purchase an extra long shower curtain.

    Most Bathtubs are 60″ wide but you need the extra 12″ (making it 72″) to give it some fullness and to help to keep the water from escaping through the sides. There are some people who sell 60 inch shower curtains, especially if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, but keep in mind that they are no good for a regular bath because they are missing the extra on each side. These would be fine if you have a smaller shower area, but to make sure there are no problems, measure first.

    Shower Curtain Tip

    Shower Curtain Tips

    Keep in mind that your shower curtain liner sizes should be determined in the same way as we suggested for your shower curtain. If you end up needing an extra long shower curtain then it stands to reason that you will also be needing an extra long shower curtain liner to go with it. Usually, you can find shower curtain liners sold in the same lengths as shower curtains.

    If you end up with measurements that are in between sizes, you might try using longer shower curtain hooks or rings to bring the height down a little or play with the placement of your shower curtain rod. They are especially easy to re-position if you are using tension shower curtain rods.

    Extra Wide Shower Curtain

    Perhaps you have noticed while taking your shower curtain measurements that the problem is not that you need a long shower

    Extra wide shower curtains
    Park Avenue Extra Wide Shower Curtain. Click on picture for more information.

    curtain but rather an extra wide shower curtain. Extra wide shower curtains will definitely be necessary if you have a large area to cover such as a clawfoot tub. In that case you will need to purchase a
    wide shower curtain that is 108 inches wide to properly fit as a clubfoot tub shower curtain.

    Oversized shower curtains are not as hard to find as you may think. Throughout our website you will see many links to help you buy an extra wide shower curtain or any other shower curtain size for your particular needs.

    Some people find that over sized shower curtains are too heavy and burdensome. What they opt to do is to buy two regular sized ones and overlap them by two to three eyelet holes and you may find that easier to deal with. You will have a seam showing if you use this method so decide what is best for your situation.

    Stall Shower Curtain

    For a stall shower curtain you will probably need something a little different. Although a long shower curtain may work, it may be too wide. Shower stall curtains usually come in narrower widths to make them fit better.

    Stall Shower Curtain Special Size
    Stall Shower Curtain 36 x 72 Click on picture for more information



    A stall size shower curtain can be measured in almost the same way as measuring for an extra long shower curtain. You will need to measure from side wall to side wall but this time you will need to measure from the shower stall curtain rod to the bottom of the floor. If you shower stall curtain does not reach the floor, then you will have water getting through and causing a slippery mess. This is why the shower curtain length is so important.


    Stall Shower Curtain Problems?

    clear stall shower curtain 54 x 78
    clear stall shower curtain 54 x 78. Click on picture for more information.

    If you can only find stall size shower curtains that are too long there is still hope. Suppose you need a stall shower curtain 54″ x 72″, but you can’t find one. What if all you can find is a stall shower curtain that measures 54″ x 78″?

    The solution to this problem is to find a stall shower curtain that doesn’t have too much detail at the bottom. Then, you may be able to just cut off the 6″ that you don’t need from the bottom of the curtain and voila! You have just made yourself a custom

    stall shower curtain.






    Use scissors to cut off bottom of stall shower curtain if needed

     Small Shower Curtain

    If you are looking for a small shower curtain they can usually be found for RV’s and and other small spaces. A short shower curtain is usually sold at 64 inches long, and are generally what people want when looking for a small shower curtain, or a short shower curtain. If you do not find any small shower curtains that you like, then perhaps a short shower curtain liner can be a good substitute for you. To measure for an RV Shower Curtain, take the measurements from the top of the RV shower curtain rod to the floor.

    small shower curtain

    47×64 Shower Curtain RV Shower Curtain Not as long or as wide as a regular shower curtain Color: Off-white


    RV Shower Curtain

    • This RV Shower Curtain measures 47×64 inches – Not as long or as wide as a regular home shower curtain
    • This RV Shower Curtain is made of 100% nylon with a light polyurethane backing to be mildew resistant
    • It’s Machine Washable
    • It’s Made in the USA!
    • You can purchase this RV shower curtain by clicking on the picture

    Other RV Shower Curtain Solutions

    If you are wanting an RV shower curtain in a color other than white, it can be hard to find. But, If you go for a PVC or PEVA shower curtain that is 47 inches wide but the length is too long, like 72 inches or 78 inches, you can simply cut the excess off of the bottom using scissors and voila, you get your custom made 47 inch x 64 inch RV Shower Curtain.

    If you prefer to purchase a fabric shower curtain, you will need to cut the bottom and allow for a 2-3 inch hem. Of course, this is more work, but may be worth it to have a nice shower curtain.

    How Much To Cut for PEVA and Other Plastic Shower Curtains:

    If you choose a 72 inch shower curtain then you will need to cut off 8 inches from the bottom to make it 64 Inches.

    If you choose a 78 inch shower curtain then you will need to cut off 14 inches from the bottom to make it 64 Inches.

    How Much To Cut for Fabric or Polyester Shower Curtains:

    If you choose a 72 inch shower curtain then you will need to cut off 5 inches from the bottom to allow for a 2-3″ hem.

    If you choose a 78 inch shower curtain then you will need to cut off 11 inches from the bottom to allow for a 2-3″ hem.


    Beach Theme Stall Shower Curtain
    Beach Themed Stall Shower Curtain 47 x 71

    To see some PVC or PEVA shower curtains that might do the trick check out these shower curtains by clicking on the link.









    These Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Hooks Will Work

    Well With This Shower Curtain.

    Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rings
    Roller Ball Shower Curtain Hooks Are Very Popular. Click on Image to Purchase Today


    Shower Curtain TipShower Curtain Tip

    Some specialty shower curtains may be harder to find. In instances like this, you can always use a shower curtain liner instead. Shower curtains add a nice decorative flair to your bathroom decor, but it’s the shower curtain liner that is doing all the work for you. Without a proper shower curtain liner your bathroom will be a mess.




    Metric Sizing System Compared to the Imperial System

    When shopping for shower curtains, you may find that sometimes, they are written in metric rather than imperial measurements. When changing from the Imperial system to the Metric system, you cannot get a perfect round number. Most manufacturers will round the metric number to make it easier for customers to figure out more approximately what the measurements are.

    Below is a handy size chart that will help you to figure out approximately which metric size you are getting if you purchase from someone in China, Canada, or other countries using the metric system.

    Metric Conversion Inches to Centimeter

    Listed here are the most common ones

    Inches Centimeters (approx)
    52 x 72 130 x 180
    60 x 72 150 x 180
    72 x 72 180 x 180
    80 x 72 200 x 180
    88 x 72 220 x 180
    96 x 72 240 x 180
    112 x 72 280 x 180
    52 x 80 130 x 200
    60 x 80 150 x 200
    72 x 80 180 x 200
    80 x 80 200 x200
    88 x 80 220 x 200
    96 x 80 240 x 200
    112 x 80 280 x 200
    72 x 96 180 x 240

    For Other Sizes You Will Have to Guesstimate From Using the Figures Below

    Inches Centimeters Inches Centimeters
    36 91.44 74 187.96
    38 96.52 76 193.04
    40 101.6 78 198.12
    42 106.68 80 203.2
    44 111.76 81 205.74
    46 116.84 83 210.82
    48 121.92 84 213.36
    50 127 86 218.44
    52 132.08 88 223.52
    54 137.16 90 228.6
    56 142.24 92 233.68
    58 147.325 94 238.76
    60 152.4 96 243.84
    62 157.48 98 248.92
    64 162.56 100 254
    66 167.64 102 259.08
    68 172.72 104 264.16
    70 177.8 106 269.24
    72 182.88 108 274.32
    73 185.42


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  • Shower Curtain Hooks,  Shower Curtain Hooks and Rings

    Choosing the Best Shower Curtain Hooks and Rings

    There are so many types of shower curtain hooks and rings to choose from, sometimes it can be difficult to decide on which ones are right for you and your bathroom decor. Should you go for shower curtain hooks or go for shower curtain rings instead? Which type of finish should you buy?

    There are a myriad of finishes for shower curtain rings, here are just a few:

    Unique Rhinestone Shower Curtain Rings
    You Can Find These Unique Rhinestone Shower Curtain Rings By Clicking Here

    With such a wide variety, how on earth are you going to choose the shower curtain hooks that are right for you? Let’s look for a few clues 🙂

    oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucet
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    One of the first things you may want to consider when choosing your shower curtain rings or hooks is the type of finishes you already have on the existing items in your bathroom. Large things such as your bathroom faucets and mirrors etc. will give you a good clue as to what type of finish you may want.




    oil rubbed bronze shower curtain hook
    oil rubbed bronze shower curtain hook

    If, for instance, you have chrome faucets, then having oil rubbed bronze shower curtain rings will probably clash. Of course, if you are planning on changing to an oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucet and replacing your towel holders etc. then oil rubbed bronze shower curtain hooks could give your bathroom a classy look.

    Which type of metal do you prefer: Gold, brushed nickle, brass, bronze, oil rubbed bronze or stainless steel? Your preference and budget will help you determine your best choice.

    Perhaps, the budget is a little tight or you might want to use plastic shower curtain rings in a child’s bathroom. Shower curtain rings made of plastic, would be a very good choice for a kid’s bathroom because they are not only inexpensive, but they are also very durable. Plastic shower curtain rings also come in a wide variety of colors. Popular colors for a kid’s bathroom could be the primary colors such as:

    plastic red shower curtain ring
    Red Plastic Shower curtain rings that can be used in a kids bathroom

    You could also try something more neutral that will go with practically anything such as:

    Of course, if you are planning on going with a particular theme such as a beach theme, then you will want a Beach Shower Curtain along with beach shower curtain hooks, and beach bath accessories, such as beach towels. See the example below.

    Beach Shower Curtain
    Beach Theme Shower Curtain Click for More Info
    beach shower curtain hooks
    beach shower curtain hooks Click for More Info









    Beach Towels

    Beach Theme Flip Flop Towel









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    Take a few moments to go through this website and find some more ideas of what might look great in your particular bathroom.  If you have special needs when it comes to shower curtains such as extra long shower curtains or extra wide ones, we cover that here.

    We hope you are enjoying the information found on this website and if you wish to contact us for any reason, remember to click on the contact button and the top of the page.

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